What is Kimchi?

Kimchi is a Korean fermented vegetable condiment, a staple and tradition dating back thousands of years. Recipes can vary extensively. Delicomb Kimchi is done in a German Kraut style with unique ingredients. It’s lightly fermented and vegan as it has no fish stock in it. Kimchi adds a healthy and yummy zest to a lot of things you eat anyway.

Delicomb Kimchi doesn’t have the musty element that you will experience in many traditional Kimchi, or the watery stale vinegar taste of canned cooked Sauerkraut. The natural fermentation process creates it’s own vinegar.

The fermentation process creates a natural preservative and a powerhouse of essential vitamins, minerals, enzymes and probiotics. Delicomb actually had their kimchi tested by a lab, and the fermentation process is so powerful, we were surprised to find out it’s actually shelf stable, which means we are not required to refrigerate it! (We keep it cold)

Kimchi aids digestion, strengthens the immune system, lowers cholesterol and even possibly reduces / prevents cancer growth. The lactic acid bacteria boosts metabolism.

In House Fermented:

Dill Kraut Kimchi - Mild - green cabbage, carrot, dill, dulce

Pickled Red Onions - Medium - red onions & sugar cane juice

Mexi-Kimchi - Hot - green cabbage, fennel, cilantro, parsley, jalapeño, lime

Cucumber Kimchi - Very Hot - green cabbage, cucumber, habanero